Enriching lives by making cars available to the world

In countries without robust public transportation systems, cars are an integral part of daily life. This is especially true in developing countries, where having a car—or not—plays a significant role in determining one’s quality of life. Cars not only reduce the need for tiresome labor; they can also help expand businesses. A car can function as a tool that supports a family from the time of purchase well into the future. This is why many people hope to get their hands on that brand-new car of their dreams, and then pass it on to their children someday. When a new car is unrealistic, they’ll want to get the best used car possible and treat it with great care. Countless people around the world could want nothing more than this.

That’s why Relation is committed to providing high-quality cars. And by leveraging a global supply network developed over the years and superior one-stop service that caters to everything from car maintenance to shipping, we can stand by our promise to do so.

Sharing the richness of life
and the freedom and joy
made possible by cars
with all people, worldwide.