CEO Message

Providing Professional Service

Since its establishment in 2008, with the support of its overseas partners and all involved, Relation has continued to flourish as a company dedicated to automotive trading, steadily expanding its wide-ranging business activities, which include used vehicle wholesaling, automobile parts manufacturing, cross-border used vehicle trade facilitation, and more.

Some of these business activities were the direct result of customer requests. Others evolved from our own efforts to more deeply explore and understand our customers’ needs. Regardless of the impetus, all business activities at Relation derive from our firm commitment to providing customer-focused service.

Moving forward, we will continue to evolve and grow these businesses, leveraging our strengths and staying true to what sets Relation apart from other companies. Over the past several years, we have also been drawing from the experience and expertise gained in these fields to develop our knowledge of IT and digital transformation internally. With this newfound knowledge and experience, we intend to further expand our current offerings and venture into new areas of business in the future.